Birds love to shower!

Not only our budgies love showering and bathing, your pets will surely like it too. Birds always keep their feathers clean to stay vital, but also to communicate with conspecifics. That is why we offer you our self-designed showers. They are easy to handle, easy to clean and offer a shapely design adapted to the flight reflex of the animals.
Bird shower (for pet-birds up to 20cm body height)
Colour: Blue
Pet birds love to bathe and shower!Short description:Plumage care and fun are guaranteed with this bird shower! Can be set up inside a spacious aviary as well as in the free flight room. Your feathered friends can shower and take a bath at the same time. This is made possible by a water level of approx. max. 1cm in the upper tub and the imitated downpour, via the mushroom-shaped shower fountain specially constructed by us for this purpose. Safety is also ensured, as the pump is supplied with power at a very low voltage of 5V (via an included USB charger). Depending on the preference and moult of the bird, use at least 1 to 3 times a week, for half an hour, but also more often. However, not more than one hour at a time. To ensure hygiene, the water should be changed manually every half hour. To make the birds less shy, lettuce leaves inserted in the upper water basin have proven to be a good attractant. With patience and repeated offering, even the shyest bird will become a water rat.Scope of delivery:Lower water basin (water silo)Upper water basin (shower/bathing area for the pet birds)Shower fountain attachment 5V water pump (5V USB)Power supply unit with Euro plug (Input: 230V / Output 5V-USB)

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